If you knew my story.
Every word,
Every wound behind each scar,
Would I still have you?

If you knew who I used to be,
Would you still love the girl I have become?

If only you saw what I saw.
The scenes that cut before my eyes-
Dangerous. Disastrous.
Would you still see me as you?

You look into my eyes.
I stare back.
I wonder what you see?
Beautiful disaster.

They say the truth will set you free
But will it just be another excuse to let me go?


It’s over. But the truth can be told that it’s been over for awhile now. It took a lot to delete your number. Even longer to block you on Facebook. It’s like I was still holding on, but the minute I realized it could never go back to the way it was was the moment I could move on or at least try. It gets easier with each day I wake up further from what I used to be with you. Some days are easier than others. If I were to say I didn’t miss you, I would be lying. But what we had wasn’t real. I may have thought it was, but living in a drug endused coma wasn’t what I had in mind for my happily ever after. More like happily never after with you. I wanted to believe the lies, but your actions proved otherwise. You were always the master manipulator. I was always the target. The mark to scheme another hard earned dollar. Before I knew it, you sucked me dry. It was like I was more addicted to you than the drugs. It was like you were my world, but it was just your ticket to the other side, the sky. Riding high on number nine, I thought you were going to save me until I realized it was you who needed to be saved, and I just needed out. So that is exactly what I did. I left. I stayed locked up, a slave to prescription pills, your servant. It wasn’t gonna ever stop until we stopped it. You said time and time this was the last time. Let’s have a fun night. A fun night turned into a year of hell. How did I get so lost, again. I shoulda have learned from my past, which you never failed to hold against me until you backed me a corner where I was given I had choice to refuse. My car accident was the sign I had been waiting for. It started and ended with a bang. Started with a bang of dope. Ended with a fatal vehicular bang. Get out while you can. Quit while your ahead. I couldn’t stop. You wouldn’t let me. I finally did.